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Shibuya Gyaru Dandelion Yukata Set

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#1650 Five Piece Set

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Shibuya Gyaru Dandelion Yukata Set


*Shibuya Gyaru Dandelion Yukata Set* 

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This years biggest Japanese fashion craze comes to MinkyShop! The Yukata is a traditional sight in Japan, a casual summer robe worn in the street and in bath houses. But the youth of Japan are revolutionising the Yukata, and it's now the ultimate symbol of Gyaru style, glammed up with beautiful, sexy designs and gorgeous prints often seen in Tokyo's fashion central, Shibuya.

As reported by Tokyofashion.com in June 2011

MinkyShop is proud to bring this new Japanese fashion movement to the world, offering an entire range of glamourous Shibuya Yukata that come in a range of beautiful styles. These are high-quality, complete Summer Yukata sets currently available in Japan, and each purchase comes with following items:


Yukata Robe, Obi, Koshi-himo (Sashes) x2, Wooden Geta Sandals, tabi socks.


Yukata: Length 163cm (fits height 155cm-180cm)

Wooden Geta: One Size (fits size 36-39)

*Yukata Material: 100% Cotton*

*Washing Instruction: Use a washing net (washing machine), hand wash or dry clean. Do not use washer dryers*

*Please note: all accessories on the models (other than the specified five pieces) are not included*


Even though the Yukata is a now the height of Japanese youth fashion, you will need some instruction on how to wear and adjust the outfit. Yukatas and Getas are always one size only! This is how they're worn by girls all over Japan, so please don't worry if you're tall, small, large or thin - there is not meant to be any variation in size. The length of a Yukata is adjusted with the koshi-himo (sashes) and obi.



Shibuya Gyaru Dandelion Yukata Set

Shibuya Gyaru Dandelion Yukata Set

Shibuya Gyaru Dandelion Yukata Set

Shibuya Gyaru Dandelion Yukata Set

Shibuya Gyaru Dandelion Yukata Set