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Japanese Schoolgirl Seifuku Uniform

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#2389 Seifuku

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Japanese Schoolgirl Seifuku Uniform


*Japanese Schoolgirl Seifuku Uniform*

 This item is made to order. Estimated making time: 7-14 working day

Welcome to MinkyShop's original and beautifully made Schoolgirl uniform, accurate to the classic summer sailor girl style in Japan! This outfit is not a cheap imitation or a factory product, but a high quality, custom tailored item that will be made and personalised to your measurements.

*Due to popular demand, this uniform can now be tailored for a Male fit. Please contact us before purchasing, as additional fees apply. Also, If you're above size 14 UK or size 12 US, please contact us before making your purchase*

Item Details:

SEIFUKU TOP: One white, short-sleeve top piece with side zip, tie ring and classic navy neckboard. Collar and sleeves also have classic silky-white hand-sewn stripes to complete the effect!

NECK FEATURE: A removable panel between the collar - great for a more open neckline (or revealing cleaveage ^_^). Easy to open or close with hidden snap buttons

BOW TIE: One cute silky blue tie sash to run beneath the collar and tuck through the white tie ring

SKIRT: One perfect, thick, high-quality pleated navy blue skirt to finish the picture!

*Measurements Required (INCHES or CM):*

Height, Weight

Bust, Waist and Hip (circumference)

Shoulder Width (measured from behind, from the edge of one shoulder across to the other)

Upper body Length (from shoulder edge to Waist)

Please submit these using our contact form after making your purchase

All of these details are essential to getting your costume right. Once you have provided these details the tailoring team can begin immediately. When taking your measurements, remember it is your actual body measurement we need. Our tailors automatically take into account breathing space in the clothing, so don't worry, they won't be skin tight. Please ensure that you don't make this allowance yourself, or else the fit of the clothes may end up too large!


Japanese Schoolgirl Seifuku Uniform