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Japanese Gakuran Jacket School Uniform

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#395 Gakuran Jacket

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Japanese Gakuran Jacket School Uniform


*Japanese High School Uniform Gakuran Jacket* 
The Iconic Staple of Japanese Bad Boys

This item is made to order. Estimated making time: 10-20 working days

MinkyShop proudly presents authentic tailor made Gakuran Jackets, the iconic staple of great Anime characters and Japanese movie heroes. The Gakuran is ultra stylish with its modern suit style, sleek cut and trademark high collar. 


This item is not just for show: it's a proper, tailor made original Gakuran to suit your measurements, and for long-term use. Even though this listing is for the basic Gakuran jacket, you can have it altered to suit your requirements. We've made knee length Gakurans, ones with larger collars and even all in white. Alterations do affect the price as it becomes a commissioned piece, so if you'd like a variation of the regular Gakuran, please contact us first for a quote!

*This listing is for the Gakuran jacket only*

*Color: Black*

*The jacket is made of high quality suit materials, with a silk inner lining, and custom made to your measurements - please follow our requested measurements below*


Height & Weight
Chest, Waist & Hip Circumference 
Neck Circumference
Shoulder Width (measured from behind, from the edge of one shoulder across to the other) 
Arm Length (from shoulder edge to wrist) 
Upper Body Length (from shoulder edge to hip)

Please submit these using our contact form after making your purchase

All of these details are essential to getting your jacket right. Once you have provided them the tailor can begin immediately. When taking your measurements, remember it is your actual body measurement we need. Our tailors automatically take into account breathing space in the clothing, so don't worry, they won't be skin tight. Please ensure that you don't make this allowance yourself, or else the fit of the clothes may end up too large! Our tailors are professional designers, and create work for some of the largest Cosplay conventions in the world. With MinkyShop you're in safe hands!


Japanese Gakuran Jacket High School Uniform

Japanese Gakuran Jacket High School Uniform

Japanese Gakuran Jacket High School Uniform

Japanese Gakuran Jacket High School Uniform